Colloidal Silver Spray 8 oz. | Finnessiam™

Colloidal Silver Spray 8 oz. | Finnessiam™

A mild and gentle colloidal silver spray for troubled areas, scratches, bug bites, burns, irritations, or skin infections.

Colloidal silver has been used for centuries and is known for its healing properties and immunity booster.


Ingredients: Water, Colloidal Silver.

How To Use

Spray on problems such as bug bites, burns, irritations, scratches, or skin infections.

Add a tablespoon to communal drinking bowls to stop cross-contamination or spray around litter boxes to neutralize odor. Perfect for cleaning grooming equipment.

Use it on yourself, too; it works excellent on sunburn! 

This product has so many uses; you'll come up with more daily!

Groomer's Tips
To "Soothe" Skin Issues Further, Use This With:

Soothe™ Shampoo

Calm skin irritation by starting your groom with Soothe™ Shampoo. This shampoo formulation contains 3% Chlorhexidine and is one of our best-selling shampoos.


Soothe™ Rinse

After shampooing with Soothe Shampoo. follow-up with this medicated rinse. This hydrating formulation contains 3% Chlorhexidine, .5% Benzyl Alcohol, .5% Copper Sulfate, and loads of lanolin & aloe to keep the skin soft and moisturized.

Soothe™ Ear Cleaner

It helps promote healthy ears for dogs with conditions of yeast, bacteria, and fungi. Soothe™ Ear is cleansing, drying, and reduces odors and waxy build-up!