Collection: Mellow Pet® - Something To Help Pets Relax!

Groomers all around the nation have turned to Mellow Pet® for one reason - IT WORKS!

"Aromatherapy offers a means of drawing upon our love of fragrance to bring additional benefits to the grooming environment and the pets we care for." -- Barbara Bird, The Scented Groomer

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  • Mellow Pet® Dog Shampoo | Showseason®
  • Mellow Pet® | Calming Spray for Dogs
  • Mellow Pet® Aromatherapy Oil Blend | K9&You®
  • Plug-In Scent Ball Diffuser- Diffuses 300 Sq. Ft!
  • Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Water Mist Diffuser- Diffuses 1,000+ Sq. Ft!