1.75 lb. Barn & Stable | 10X POWDER

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Helps to eliminate manure and ammonia odors in kennels, stables, barns and wherever animals urinate and defecate. Dry, 600 billion count bacteria blend extends the life of any animal bedding while speeding the biodegrading process. Consumes urine & feces and leaves a fresh scent. Non-toxic & biodegradable.

Other Uses: After removing soiled bedding, apply powder liberally to the wet urination areas. Repeat weekly depending on the odor and quantity of urine produced by the animals.

Liberally sprinkle manure piles and areas where flies may hatch to accelerate the breakdown and decrease the fly population. Perfect for runs and group areas. 

Perfect for "oops" on carpets. Sprinkle directly on urine stain, let sit for 5 minutes and vacuum.

Great for winter application or when water is not accessible.

1.75# = 20 Day Supply